You Get:

1.    Very personalized counseling with a dude that really gives a dag gum about your relationship and thus will ask tough questions. 

2.    Open honesty about issues and problems currently in my marriage, things that have been helpful in the past and recommended scriptures/books that provided help and insight. 

3.    Personalized, respectful wedding ceremony that will have a blend of light-hearted celebration and laughs with an approach that honors the union, the challenges and profound reason to be thankful.


Typically, these are the loose guidelines:

1.    Begin counseling at least 3 months prior to wedding.

2.    Four required 1 hour sessions that can be done via skype. 

3.    All traveling and room expenses paid by you.

4.    Price for everything is $1300 in addition to travel/room expenses. 


Contact to discuss further.