Science is Fun


By now, regular listeners have probably realized that I am not the most gifted speaker.  I often fail to successfully articulate what I wish to express.  So, in light of this, I want to clarify a position, in regards to science, which I took on episode 20.  I think I said something like, the bible trumps science in all scientific matters.  In hindsight, that was a gross simplification.  And for what its worth—I am a big fan of science and have been avidly following advances in relativity theory, cosmology and quantum theory for the past two decades. 


To clarify, the intellectual activity of conducting empirical scientific investigations is fully compatible with, and fully complementary to the Bible.  The same reasoning abilities that God endowed us with to explore His Word can and should also be used to explore His world.  However, I think that the big T Theories (using Science Mike’s language) that emerge from man’s attempt to explain the origins of life and the universe through godless, random processes should be trumped by the Bible.  After all, the Bible explicitly states that God created the universe and life, while scientists working within contemporary Big T Theories seem to be stubbornly looking for any and every creative mechanism but God, however illogical (ie the Universe created itself from nothing, life accidentally came from non-life).  This is in spite of the fact that science completely breaks down at singularities (like the hypothesized Big Bang).  So, yeah.  Since I believe in God, I am going to give greater credibility to the Bible that says God is the Creator instead of to science that refuses to acknowledge God as the Creator.  Admittedly, this is not an entirely empirical decision—although my belief in God is founded, in part on empirical evidence.  At the same time, the decision to preclude a supernatural creator (the theoretical NEED for abiogenesis) is also NOT an empirical decision.

And again, I think it boils down to presuppositions.  I presuppose that God exists and His Word is true.  Big T Theorists presuppose that there are no supernatural creative powers, or at the very least--that all things natural/physical can be explained through purely materialistic means.  This is what I reject.

Fermi Paradox

Regarding the alien phenomenon, I respect the Fermi paradox brought up by Science Mike.  Essentially it states that:

1.     This Universe should be teeming with life based on our supposed understanding of the origins of life and astronomy.

2.     There is no hard physical evidence of extra-terrestrial civilizations.

3.     Hence, the paradox.

And that is indeed a paradox IF the first statement is true.  I believe that the first statement is false because I don’t think that Big T Theories have it all right.  I also believe that the alien phenomenon is extra-dimensional or inter-dimensional and demonic--NOT extra-terrestrial.  This viewpoint, especially the extra or inter-dimensional hypothesis, is compatible with the views of many in this field’s research community (check out Jacques Vallee who ironically began as a product of the Big T paradigms).  So, I do not believe that there are alien civilizations permeating the universe.  But, I do believe that this is a real phenomenon and is Satanically inspired.